How to download videos from Youtube

Free online service to download Youtube videos with multiple formats like 3gp, flv, mp4, full HD, 4K video.

You can use any of the following method to download your videos:

  • 1. From web page

    Paste the video link above in the search box and hit the 'Enter' button, it will automatically navigate you to the video page where you can preview your video and after confirmation you can download the video. Download buttons are available below the video.

  • 2. Faster from YouTube

    Add the golink word to the Youtube video link, i.e. if you are watching video on Youtube and want to download that video then just append getlink with the Youtube url like:

    Youtube URL:

    Would turn into:

  • 3. Search video

    You can also search for the video using above form. Just enter the keyword or search term in the input box and click the 'Download' button, a search page will open with all the videos related to that keyword.

  • 4. Bookmarklet

    The golinkyoutube bookmarklet can be added to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser. Clicking on the bookmark opens a popup where you can enter the link on which you need more info. By default, the link of the currently open tab/window is taken, which is useful in case you want to retrieve the download links for a YouTube video that is already open in your browser.

    Drag & drop this bookmarklet to your Bookmarks Toolbar or click on it to see it in action: Download Youtube